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Things to do before I die

Not in any particular order:

  • Submit a winning entry to the New Yorker cartoon caption contest.
  • red squirrel englandSee the red squirrels in England.
  • See a monkey in the wild.
  • Ride an elephant in its native country.
  • Finish all the books on my bookshelf.
  • Reduce my email inbox to 0.
  • Order the margherita pizza with double mozzarella at Pizzeria da Michele in Naples, Italy. (See Eat, Pray, Love page 79.)
  • Eat at La Refuge de Fondue in Paris with my family.
  • Visit Ireland and Scotland with my family and my mother.
  • Play a bagpipe.
  • See Glass Beach at Fort Bragg.
  • Scoop seashells at Sanibel Island.

Here are some things to do long before I die:

  • Update scrapbooks
  • Make a book on Blurb
  • Figure out where to hang all the odd-sized pictures and posters I have lying around
  • Lose weight.

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