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When my sister and I were in late elementary school, my parents typed up a list of rules and posted it on the refrigerator. Here they are:

My parents were stricter than most, but we usually didn’t mind since we were very obedient. My mom is visiting me this weekend, and she remarked this afternoon that she realizes how lucky she was to have such easy kids.

Here are a few of my favorite rules:

  • Get to go to bed 7.5 minutes later each birthday.
  • No singing at the table.
  • Don’t touch the dog until you’re done setting the table.
  • We alternated months for keeping the backyard clean.
  • Bathe whenever dirty or 2x a week.

I’ve actually got a list of rules for my kids, but I won’t embarrass them by posting them here. I’ve found that it’s easier to get kids to follow rules or get housework done if it’s written down and you don’t have to bug them.

Unless, of course, the rules get lost. I need to print out our rules again so I can have a less stressful summer!