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ila personal security alarm screaming lady daily grommetWhen I took self-defense in college, the instructors made us practice screaming. They said that in an emergency situation, some people find it difficult to muster a scream loud enough and long enough to attract attention.

So when I saw the Ila Personal Alarm on Daily Grommet a few months ago, I immediately bought one for myself and one for my college-age daughter. As this video shows, when you pull the small pin out of the device, it screams for 10 minutes. I think it’s brilliant to replicate a scream, since I agree that it’s more likely to attract attention than another sound.

If I’m ever in a situation where I’m alone and feel vulnerable, I hang the Ila on the outside of my purse and hold the little chain. I’ve never had to pull it, thankfully, but I figure that if there’s ever a need I’ll appreciate any help I can get. I’ve demonstrated it to lots of people, and nearly all of them have been so impressed that they’ve asked for information on how to order it. That’s partly why I’m writing this post.

Hopefully my daughter and I won’t need this, but better safe than sorry.