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My daughter’s Girl Scout troop posed at the end of Senior year after opening the time capsules they’d sealed many years earlier.

When I moved to La Cañada 16 years ago, I told people that I’d move back to Pasadena after my kids graduated from high school. Little did I realize how prescient I was.

Tonight will be my last night here. Tomorrow I move back to Pasadena. (Actually, Altadena but with a Pasadena zipcode.) I haven’t blogged in months because life’s demands didn’t leave time for much else, but I want to express how much living here has meant to me. I’ve lived in 10 different towns, all of which were wonderful, but this has been my favorite.

Last year I listed my top 40 reasons for loving La Cañada. It’s no mistake that the first reason I listed was the people. LCPC pastor Gary Dennis is right: it’s about relationships. All of the other reasons on the list pale in comparison to the great people I’ve met here. I made more friends here in seven months than I did in seven years in Pasadena. I was involved in my church and local government there, and was a member of several play groups for my kids, but it has been much easier to make friends here via Newcomers Club, LCPC, schools, Parent Ed., the YMCA, Curves, LCJBSA, LCFEF, PTA, etc. These friendships have endured, and I’ve made many more along the way. Thankfully, I’ll still be close enough to nurture these relationships.

If you’re lucky enough to live in LCF, be thankful that the principal kicking a cat out of the high school and a family wanting to keep its treehouse can be big news here. Keep working hard to improve this wonderful town and its great schools, but take a step back sometimes and remember that you’re incredibly fortunate to live in such a safe, friendly, and beautiful community.

Thank you so much to everyone who has blessed my life here. You know who you are. I love you and I can’t wait until you see my new home with its 10 different types of fruit trees. (I promise that will be another blog post once the dust settles.)

I’m grateful to have lived in this wonderful community for so long, and to have been able to provide my children with the stability of attending one great public school district, but now it’s time for my next big adventure.

I’m looking forward to writing adoring blog posts about my new community.