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About Me

Where I can be found: At my computer in Southern California.

Procrastination techniques: Collecting new free fonts, checking Google Reader or exploring website designs. Or blogging!

On my desk: A near-empty container of iced tea, a map of Paris, a picture of myself as a preschooler in the same dress my daughter is wearing in the picture next to it

Extra and fun stuff I do: I’m the┬áStanford Class of ’85 correspondent, a high school church small group leader, and the mother of two amazing young adults. And I’m a newlywed, married to a wonderful guy!!!

How I multitask: I also listen to podcasts such as This American Life, Strangers No More, The Moth, Freakonomics and Snap Judgement.

My vision of heaven: Hammocks, warm breezes, terrier puppies, NY Times Magazine and no-guilt lasagne and non-allergenic mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Why I’m a certified nerd: If the BS and MS in Industrial Engineering aren’t enough evidence, wait until you hear about my Boy Scout Computer Explorer Scout experiences.

Favorite restaurant: Le Refuge des Fondus, in Paris. Discovered it as a student there in the 80’s. Drink wine from baby bottles, meet cool people from around the world.

Life philosophies: There’s good in everyone. And if I can’t find it, they must be truly evil. Also, the dissemination of accurate information is essential to democracy. That’s one of the reasons I blog.

Favorite living public figures: Oprah, Nicholas Kristof, Barack Obama

Hot or cold? Hot. That’s why I left New Jersey.

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